Curexa Pharmacy




The web brand for Curexa needed a refresh. Curexa is an online mail-to-order pharmacy and needed a refreshed web property that could support a growing nationwide business, enhanced their visual style and supported their users. 

Initial Problem

Curexa pharmacy, was looking for a new marketing site that fit a changing brand, one that could take the pharmacy into a modern business outlook supporting a nationwide mail-to-order pharmacy and compounding business. The existing site's content and a design that could use a refresh with a changing brand, and modernized look and feel.

My Solution

My solution was to create a fully responsive mobile first marketing site whose experience that supported multiple types of users including patients, doctors, manufacturers and insurers that helped a local brand take their business nationwide. I restructured the information architecture, leveraged personas to refresh the content and redesigned the site to explain the process in a simple, effective way.

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I Did My Part

With the pharmaceutical business rapidly becoming more technologically advanced, Curexa knew that they needed a web overhaul and BFMW was happy to help. Transitioning from a traditional pharmacy in southern New Jersey to a national company that can fill prescriptions online in 47 states takes swift and comprehensive change. Using consumer and competitive research I was able to design a web presence that not only filled a gap in the marketplace, but was designed with different customer’s needs in mind. By leveraging the information that patients, doctors, manufacturers and insurers need to make a decision I was able to build a web presence that was able to maintain the overall brand voice while emphasizing the key information per group.

The result was a responsive and consistent web presence that gave a legacy business an updated brand that still conveyed the trusting nature that customers had grown to know for generations.

I'm really proud of how it came out, and with the results we've received since launch.

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