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The web brand for Cultural Care Au Pair needed a refresh, from the experience all the way into the visual style. My focus here was to create a site to highlight the wonderful human element of an au pair in the home. Leveraging full frame photography, background video, we put the human back into the website. 

Initial Problem

Cultural Care Au Pair, the largest au pair agency in the US was looking for a new marketing site that fit a changing brand. The existing site's problem was a lack of strategy, really verbose content and a design that could use a refresh.

My Solution

My solution was to create a fully responsive marketing site whose experience flowed new leads through the process of understanding how to become a host family. I restructured the information architecture, interviewed field staff, host families, and stakeholders to refresh the content and redesigned the site to explain the process in a simple, effective way.


I Did My Part

I worked with stakeholders across the company, and with field staff to establish features, content, and userflow. We evaluated heatmaps, and current user data to determine key points of content, and with our staff to evaluate how we can use the marketing site to solve common questions, and alleviate fatigue. I then built out distilled architecture which gave us insight into how to design the flow to improve our conversion rates.

From there, I built wireframes and a clickable invision prototype to test out content, layout and gather feedback. From there, it was determining the art direction based on the photography we wanted to source (all shot exclusively with families on the program), video for the background header, and for many many hours, poured over the details of messaging.

I'm really proud of how it came out, and with the results we've received since launch.

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