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Focus on one thing

If you could focus on one thing right now what would it be?

Other than focusing on writing this post?

I think for me, I want to focus on building something with longterm potential. I’ve had this idea for building out a system based on mobile to help bring gamers like me together. For me, everything comes back to fixing things that seem to be a problem for me (isn’t that myopic). But hey it’s a personal project and I should be doing what I want to do.

My problem is that I truly have limited time where I can actually sit down and play games. It usually fits in somewhere around weeknights at 9:30 at night, when my wife has fallen asleep, or we’re finished serial watching something on Netflix. So my issue is, I’d like to be able to schedule time to raid with friends (is that the name?) but really it’s difficult to set those kinds of things up.

My solution is to give gamers a place to connect with each other, set a schedule of when it’s convenient for them to play, and actually get a chance to play a bit. So my solution creates a small community of people, almost like a personal clan and gives you the opportunity to message each other, set up times to play, and progress together. Games are just more fun when you are playing with like-minded people who want to play together and it typically helps you be better.

My steps to create this, would be to first build a minor set of compositions, and maybe a prototype that I can vet out to users. Maybe I’ll try posting some of the comps or the prototype within the XBOX reddit page, and see how it goes. I think I can easily do this within the next 2 weeks, and garner some feedback to see if it’s worth pursuing.

I guess the ultimate goal would be to get it built and picked up by a giant, like Microsoft, Sony, Steam, etc. I think it’s doable, and to me, it fills a specific need, one that I’d imagine exists out there to a lot of older gamers (not that I’m that old) who don’t have the time they did in college. Really it’s all about the scheduling. If I can get that right, and make it dead simple easy, I think it’s something that could fill a market need.

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