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Bounce was a brand new idea hatched with the Beacon team at Hill Holliday. We wanted to create a way to extend the end of a whiteboarding session to reach a conclusion of a shared understanding. So how do you take analog and wrap it into a digital package? We noticed the behavior at the end of a whiteboarding session ends with a photograph of the board to save it. That's where we got started. 


Initial Problem

Meetings just end, and there was no other way to extend them past their initial stage. But what if we could capture the energy and fun of a brainstorming session, and lay out next steps on the project moving forward. 

Our Solution

Our solution was a native mobile app that could capture a whiteboard session, clean up the image, and email our teammates with session notes, and next steps. But we took it further, adding in a solution for annotating images, sorting projects, and viewing the entire thing on a mobile device or within a cloud driven web app. 


I Did My Part

I worked with our UX designer and researcher to establish features, and acceptance criteria so we had a good shot at making users happy. We interviewed about a dozen users, built a prototype, and tested it against people. We then took our run at designing the interface. Trying to marry the UI with existing branding from IdeaPaint wasn't that difficult. Their brand is fun, and light, they gave me a ton of runway to make something people would want to interact with. I designed the mobile interface, the web interface, and then moved on to the branding.

Branding was more difficult, as you can imagine, it's the soul of the product. We went through multiple naming session brainstorms and landed on bounce. The idea that you can bounce ideas off of other people, and create a shared understanding, moving ideas forward at a faster pace. Seeing as it was a camera app, I thought the icon needed to remind people that this was a way to capture ideas. Designing multiple different types of shutter icons, we landed on this beautiful leafed shutter that feels fresh and modern, without being overly simplistic. 

Bounce is in the App Store and Google Play store, and works great with the Idea Paint walls you probably already have.

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